Our Goals

The following is a very brief summary of our goals and objectives. First Church Preschool bases its curriculum on Developmentally Appropriate Practices. By introducing children to experiences appropriate for their age level in an open and accepting environment, we feel we are providing them with the “basics” for their future development. The main areas of development we stress are:

Emotional and Social

  • Help children negotiate and problem solve
  • Foster security with adults other than family
  • Increase independence
  • Enhance children’s social awareness
  • Encourage manners and foster appropriate behaviors

Perceptual and Motor

  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Develop and encourage self-expression through art and music
  • Provide daily opportunities to improve large motor development
  • Help the children develop spatial awareness

Cognitive and Conceptual

  • Encourage each child to investigate and acquire information about themselves and their environment
  • Express wonder in the relationships between events and things
  • Exhibit eagerness and curiosity as a learner to develop a strong educational foundation


  • Promote greater language skills through the use of rhyming, counting and singing
  • Create a safe atmosphere where each child feels free to talk about themselves, others and the world as they see it
  • Provide opportunities for children to investigate words in print
  • To introduce them to letter formation and phonics through curriculum-based learning


  • Provide an environment that exhibits Christian principles and teachings
  • Participating in daily prayer
  • Singing of appropriate Christian songs, and reading appropriate Christian stories
  • Taking part in monthly chapel times to discuss Christianity in a child’s world
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